As the world’s largest Black Tea exporter by share, Kenya’s long standing excellence in high standards of production and all year supply of high quality Tea has endeared to blenders and packers worldwide.

The number of top young leaves harvested, mode of harvesting, care and handling of the tea leaves is what determines the quality of Black Tea. In Kenya, the upper young leaves and a bud are handpicked, classified into different grades and varieties and skilfully processed.

sorting kenyan tea

Unique Flavour Profile (CTC Black Tea)

Described as being strong and appealing in taste, the colour once brewed is bright in colour, with a bold strong aroma. These qualities and a quick brewing characteristic make it the preferred base in most household breakfast blends.

Due to the high altitude of East, and West of the Rift Valley as well as Central Kenya, it is also known to have higher levels of antioxidant content to teas from other parts of the world.

For the health conscious consumer market Kenya is now also producing:

Green Tea – Processed without fermentation | Purple Tea – Cross-bred variety of the common leaf

White Tea – Made from tea buds | Orthodox Tea – Whole Leaf Tea

Kenyan Tea Export Markets – 2019

this image shows Kenya's tea export markets.