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Tea Brands in Kenya: AKINA - With Love from Africa.

From one of the leading tea packaging companies in Kenya, we bring you an exclusive, premium brand - AKINA, inspired by Kenya's rich and diverse culture as well as landmarks and influences from some of Kenya's top tea markets.

With a portfolio to suit every taste and culture the AKINA range includes:

Royal English Collection (Loose 100 Grams)

A tribute to a rich tea history with one of Kenya’s long lasting export markets, the Royal English Tea Collection branding is inspired by an icon of the British landscape, and one of the world’s most famous clock, The Big Ben. 

Royal English Collection (100 Tea Bags)

Arabic Collection (100 Tea Bags)

The best collection for delicious and aromatic Arabic flavours includes an exotic blend of rich flavours and mild spices. Elegant designs on the packaging include a beautiful pattern over a background of luxurious calm colours.

Arabic Collection Kenyan 100 Black Tea B
Arabic Collection Kenyan 100 Black Tea B
Arabic Collection Kenyan 100 Black Tea B
Arabic Collection Kenyan 100 Black Tea B

Majestic Collection (Tinned Orthodox Loose Leaf Tea 100gm) 

Tin boxes add value to brands, are recyclable and perceive quality to the consumer. These contain 3 exquisite blends from our Kenyan Orthodox loose leaf tea, packed directly to the airtight tin or in aluminium food grade oil pouches. 

Herbal Collection (Double Chamber String and Tag 25 Tea Bags)

For caffeine conscious customers, we offer a range of rejuvenating caffeine-free Herbal Tea in a variety of flavour categories that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Regular Collection (String and Tag 100 Tea Bags without envelope)

A Collection of some of the best Black and Green tastes in bright and vibrant packaging, including an attractive design of golden leaves. The blends are made in the traditional English breakfast style of String and Tag tea bags.

Regular Collection (100gm Loose Tea)

The ritual of brewing the perfect cup can be both relaxing and thoughtful, not to mention the ability to create a cup of tea that perfectly suits a personal preferences. For this reason, we also offer the Regular Collection, packed loose.

Kenyan Natural Green Tea 100g
Kenyan Black Tea MALINDI Delight 100g

Flavoured Black Tea Collection

(Double Chamber String and Tag 25 Tea Bags)

A refreshing combination of Black Kenyan tea with a hint of fruit / flavour that includes: Peach, Chocolate & Almond, Mango & Banana, Passion Fruit, Earl Grey, and Soursop packed into 25 String and Tag tea bags for easy brewing.

Kenyan Flavoured Tea PEACH
Kenyan Flavoured Tea Almond & Chocolate.
Kenyan Flavoured Tea ENGLISH BREAKFAST
Kenyan Flavoured Tea EARL GREY
Kenyan Flavoured Tea MANGO & BANANA
Kenyan Flavoured Tea PASSION FRUIT
Kenyan Flavoured Tea SOURSOP

Flavoured Green Tea Collection

(Double Chamber String and Tag 25 Tea Bags)

The health benefits of green tea are limitless although the taste can be slightly bitter. Our collection includes a combination of pure Kenyan Green Tea and exotic fruit flavours to offer a delicious taste and a gentle "pick-me-up".

Kenyan Flavoured Green Tea GOJIBERRY
Kenyan Flavoured Green Tea APPLE AND CIN
Kenyan Flavoured Green Tea JASMIN
Kenyan Flavoured Green Tea KIWI & POMEGR
Kenyan Flavoured Green Tea SOURSOP
Kenyan Flavoured Green Tea LIME & GINGER

Signature Blend (100 Tea Bags and 100gm Loose Tea)

A classic breakfast tea of the highest Kenyan quality. Explore our curated collection of signature tea blends hand crafted by Master Kenyan Tea Blenders and available packed in Tea Bags or Loose.

Kenyan Tea Signature Collection 100gm Lo
Kenyan Tea Signature Collection 100 Tea

Click here to download full AKINA catalogue

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