A little while ago our Founder Christine Simon was growing up on a tea farm in Limuru, Kenya when she first fell in love with tea. The history of Kenyan Tea dates back to 1903 in this very same region.

tea farm in limuru caine brothers 1903British settlers experimented by planting the very first few tea bushes from India on a small two-acre parcel of land, making Limuru the foundation of the country’s largest export industry.

With an academic background in Business Management and a persistent interest in tea, Christine now works closely with tea professionals in our parent company – an East African Tea Trade Association member, in marketing Kenyan Tea and creating sustainable relationships with all stakeholders.

She is specifically creating awareness of single origin Kenyan Tea as well as researching more ways to improve current tea processes to benefit the farmers more directly.

Why Choose us?

Not all suppliers and buyers are what they seem. We understand the importance of peace of mind in an export-import process that at times can seem out of our control. Away from multinational environments, long waiting procedures, stiff communication and typical discussions, we maintain a straightforward approach that leaves you with more time and freedom for your business operations.

We will work closely with you to:

  • Understand your product needs by tea tasting and blending samples to your requirements, and sourcing the agreed tea at the best prices
  • Ensure an understanding on both parties on the legal export-import paperwork as well as reach an agreement on a risk free international form of payment
  • Manage your expectations on shipment timelines and keep you up to date on the current market environment

Our Parent Company, a Mombasa Tea Auction Buyer is fully registered in accordance with the business laws of Kenya. In addition, all our factories conform to the highest possible quality standards.

What can we offer you?

Black Tea | Orthodox Tea | Specialty Tea | Bulk Blended Tea (Infrastructure for making special blends is available)

BP1 CTC Kenyan Black Tea
Pekoe Othodox Kenyan Tea
Pekoe Orthodox Kenyan Tea
FBOPF Kenyan Orthodox Tea
FBOPF Kenyan Orthodox Tea & many more

From Leaf to Cup!

Take a short break to watch this great video detailing the Black CTC Tea Production Process, as filmed in Kenya and Tanzania. 

Video with permission and courtesy of © https://www.drifting-visual.com