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The Finest Kenyan Tea

With less face to face meetings now, international bulk tea buyers endure endless frustration buying Kenyan tea online. Let us simplify the process for you with our variety of grades, at the best prices. Leaving you time for everything else.


Guaranteed Quality


Expert Advice


World Class Service

Does buying tea online feel like an
expensive gamble?

  • The import process gives you a headache

  • Prices are unpredictable and vary widely

  •  You don't know if you can trust the exporter 


  • You've been disappointed in the past by poor service and bad quality

We get it

It IS a lot to contend with. And that's why we have spent the last 15 years designing a tea
buying experience that is hassle-free and built to fit today's changing economic times.

Buy in peace

With support from a team with over 100 years experience in international tea tasting, grading and trading.

Strengthen your brand

By offering unmatched value to your market with a wide variety of the finest tea blends guaranteed to delight.

Get Premium Products

Sourced from the best growers in the region and matched to fit your clients' unique tastes. Take your pick from different tea varieties.

Grow your Business

With a process designed to increase your profit margins, keep your costs low, and help you stay ahead of your competitors.


We live, breathe and trade Kenyan Tea

At Buy Kenyan Tea, we know that you want to be the market leader in trading the finest tea. In order to do that, you need to source unique products that delight your customers, increase your sales, and grow your business. 

The problem is that you're not an expert in Kenyan tea and you don't know if you're getting the most enjoyable blends at an unbeatable price. This makes you feel apprehensive and unsure if this is the right investment.

It shouldn't be that way. We believe that you deserve to have an industry insider with the expertise to match your clients' tastes with the best product at an unbeatable price.

We understand how it feels because we have helped tea traders just like you navigate an unpredictable market and secure the best deals.


A leading bulk and private label tea exporter, our parent company is equipped with a collective experience of over 100 years in international tea tasting, blending, grading, and trading. 

Our partnerships with the biggest growers in the region have enabled our Kenyan tea blends to be currently sold in some of the largest supermarket chains across Europe and Asia.


How it works


Schedule a consultation

We will spend some time

getting to know you and your

business requirements.


Receive your samples

Our team will carefully blend a variety of teas to match your clients' taste.


Multiply your sales

Delight your customers and

grow your business.

Our Products

Kenya black CTC tea

CTC Black Tea

Kenya's most popular, these typically produce strong, rich liquors, a full bodied bright cup - perfect for tea bags.

Kenya wholesale tea

Bulk Blended Tea

Current times call for competitive garden teas or expertly blended tea with the assurance of integrity.

Kenya black orthodox tea

Orthodox Black Tea

Young tea bushes yield flavour that demonstrates the quality of these teas from Kenya, growing in demand.

Kenya specialty purple tea

Specialty Tea

Carefully selected from few gardens for their exquisite taste BUT more importantly, are filled with health benefits.

kenyan flavoured tea

Private Label Tea

Create customer loyalty and increase margins when you offer delicious, blends that bear your own unique logo.

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