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Kenyan Orthodox Black Tea

A Fine Collection of Garden Fresh Kenyan Orthodox Tea

Experience the Unique Flavor of Kenyan Orthodox Tea

Consumers buying Black Orthodox Teas seek a delightful tea experience.


They appreciate the skill and labor involved in producing these teas, which is why they're willing to pay more for loose tea leaves or pyramid tea bags.

Hand-Rolled Kenyan Orthodox Tea

Kenyan Orthodox Tea is unique due to its hand-rolled processing method, which preserves the leaf's natural flavours and enhances its complex profile. It is then meticulously graded by leaf size, texture, and appearance.

Finding the Perfect Tea

We guide our customers through our collection, ensuring they find the perfect tea that meets their standards of quality and taste. These teas are particularly popular in markets such as the Middle East, Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

Historic First Sale at Mombasa Tea Auction

Our parent company made history with the first-ever sale of Kenyan Orthodox Teas at the Mombasa Tea Auction in 2020, highlighting our commitment to bringing you the finest garden-fresh teas.

Grown in Ideal Conditions

Kenyan Orthodox Tea is grown in the high-altitude regions of Kenya, benefiting from rich volcanic soil and an ideal climate, which contribute to its distinctive flavour profile. This tea is known for its rich, malty flavours with subtle floral notes, offering a unique and premium experience for tea connoisseurs.

Sustainable and Ethical Farming Practices

In addition to its superior taste, Kenyan Tea is produced using sustainable agricultural practices. The tea gardens employ organic fertilization methods and avoid the use of harmful agrochemicals, ensuring a clean and health-conscious product for consumers.

​Enhance Your Tea Portfolio

By choosing our Kenyan Orthodox teas, you not only provide your customers with an exceptional tea experience but also support sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Kenyan Orthodox teas can enhance your tea portfolio and meet the growing demand for premium, ethically sourced teas.

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Kenya Orthodox Tea

  1. More flavourful in taste

  2. Fairly blacker and acceptable style in appearance

  3. Lesser number of grades to offer (limitation in product range)

  4. Less availability

Sri Lankan Orthodox Tea

  1. Visually more true to type (well made in appearance)

  2. Extra show of tips in tippy grades

  3. More number of grades to offer (more variety in product range

  4. More availability

Exploring the Distinctions Between Kenyan and Sri Lankan Orthodox Teas

In the world of premium teas, the comparison between Kenyan and Sri Lankan orthodox teas reveals intriguing contrasts that go beyond geographical boundaries.


Both renowned for their distinct qualities and rich heritage, these teas offer unique experiences shaped by their origins and production techniques.

Quality by Design

Although the process of making fine black tea is simple in its essentials, expertise, experience and a ‘feel’ for the task are absolutely essential to success.


Explore our standards below, specially curated by some of the
best industry insiders.

Samples available upon request.

Kenya Orthodox Tea Profiles

How Black / Clean / Neat
Will reflect on quality of appearance (from brightness to dull appearance)
Visual cup colour and Taste


Long loosely twisted leaves, slightly larger leaf

Bright infusion

Light in colour, fairly bright


Long twisted, semi wiry leaf


Slightly darker to OPA, brisker and bright


More wiry long leaf

More bright

Less colour, adequate strength with more brighter with touch of flavour


Blacker, cleaner Shotty in appearance

More bright

Good colour, strength brisker and delicately bright


Special Tippy Tea. Well twisted, long particles, big and longer tips

Very bright

Good colour and

more flavour


Twisted Golden coloured tips, twisted smaller particles with smaller tips


More colour strength and useful brightness


Twisted smaller fairly blacker leaf

Coppery bright

Coloury, thicker with useful brightness


Blacker and cleaner well rolled bigger leaf

Coppery bright

Lighter in colour, some strength more brisker and delicately brighter liquor

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