Private Label Tea Bags & More 

These days, consumers find private label products to be high-quality items that offer them a smart way to save money.


Build customer loyalty and increase your margins by offering your brand in tea bags, flavoured range, string and tag, string tag and enveloped, flavoured leaf, tinned tea, PET bottles, cold brew / infuse, classic English range, etc


When you are trying to develop and distribute your own private label tea, we streamline the process and deliver a product of unmatchable quality.  We offer a complete tea solution by sourcing, blending, and working with you to design your custom packaging styles.

Talk to us about promising concepts, exciting flavouring techniques, combinations, and trending packaging - all can be done under our one roof and in your preferred language.


Your customers will be amazed by the delicious, aromatic blend that bears your own private label.

Single Origin Kenyan Tea Blending and Packaging

For single origin tea, promote your brand with products packed from Kenya in our state of the art facility in Mombasa.


The authenticity of the tea will be certified as “100% Pure Kenyan Tea packed in Kenya.” and will also carry the official Made In Kenya logo.

Sustainability messages

Today's tea drinkers value invention as well as good supply chain practices. They're particularly interested in sustainability; what part of the world the leaves are grown from, what happens to the workers who pick them and an assurance that their tea was sourced in a way that didn't harm the environment.


We're proud to address this for your brand by displaying our garden marks and sustainability efforts in all packaging and labelling.


We have the unique advantage of managing our own inventory, packaging lines, quality materials and tea bagging machines. This independence allows us to control production to ensure timely delivery of your chosen products.


We are your reliable partners when it comes to Kenyan tea. Talk to us, we will be pleased to assist you with our knowledge about tea, about markets, trends and business management regarding these products.

Quality by Design

Create customer loyalty and increase margins when you offer delicious, blends that bear your own unique logo.

Samples available upon request.


Tea bags customized with your own private label brand are available under the following specification.

Products Offered for Kenya Black Tea Bags

Packaging Available


Tea Bag Box

25 x 2.5g tea bag - 50g

100 x 2.5g tea bag - 200g (7.05 oz)



25 x 2.5g tea bag - 50g

Single Chamber String + Tag

More commonly used type of tea bag.
Direct exposure to hot water from both sides
for an instant cup of tea.

single chamber string and tag.png
tea bag box.png

Single Chamber String + Tag + Envelope

Added envelopes secure the tea further.

single chamber string and tag.png
single chamber and enveloped.png
tea bag box.png

Single Chamber Pillow

Free of excessive wrappings for convenience pot tea preparation.
Ideal for lower price points.

tea bag box.png

Double Chamber String & Tag (with staple)

Direct exposure from all 4 sides offers better interaction with hot water.

tea bag box.png

Double Chamber String, Staple and Tag packed to pouch

Laminated films in pouch keep the tea-bags fresh.

pouch .png

Double chamber with String and Tag Envelope

Each teabag is individually packed into a paper envelope for quality preservation.

tea bag box.png

Double Chamber staple free

Staples pins can be dangerous. Protect your consumers, the environment and your brand by offering these staple free tea bags.

tea bag box.png

Double Chamber staple free packed to pouch

Stand out for the right reasons with quality materials and useful features.

pouch .png

Double Chamber staple free with envelope

High barrier for oxygen & moisture to keep your products fresh.

single chamber and enveloped.png
tea bag box.png
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