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Bulk Blended Kenyan Loose Tea

Kenyan loose teas come from some of the finest tea estates as well as smaller gardens, with fine reputations in providing more refined, high grade, premium quality teas that are crisp, elegant and wholly refreshing.

You can choose to have a pure Kenyan tea from a particular garden or enjoy delicious teas, which consist of various Kenyan teas grown in the different tea regions. Another option is Kenyan tea blended with other teas, florals, herbals.


This can balance out qualities of the tea liquid, blending teas that tend to be stronger in flavour with those that are more delicate.

With hundreds of tea varieties to choose from, decisions to create your preferred blend are based on a number of things:

Your target market

Certain countries demand blends with certain characteristics. For
example a tea packer in Sudan may prefer Kenyan blends created by incorporating more BMF grades with lots of fibre to achieve their market’s desired strong tea, often taken with lots of sugar. However a blender in Mauritius might go the other route with a BP1 blend characterised by large sized particles.


With the target market as a starting point,
the rest is dependant on

Who you are

An experienced tea buyer or beginner

Raw materials supplier / Manufacturer


Food & Beverage service wholesaler


Retailer / Distributor


Import / Export trader


Tea house entrepreneur / Brand creator


Artisan online store

Your Requirements

To meet current and future business goals

To offer more beverage choice to customers


Blend and create your perfect brand 


Distribute quality brands of African origin such as AKINA - "With Love from Africa"


To blend Kenyan tea with other origins


Create a private label tea bag brand to build customer loyalty

Type of Tea

Quality Kenyan tea for any occasion

Black CTC Tea


Orthodox Tea


Flavoured Tea


Specialty Tea

Green Tea

Exclusive Kenyan Purple Tea

White Tea


Organic Tea (Coming soon)

Kenyan Tea Blends

As we’re constantly upgrading the quality of our teas, we also have in-house blending machine to ensure quality control of the final product before shipment.

Blending of tea is a process of mixing similar grade of tea from different producers to attain a particular taste, colour, aroma and appearance.


This will already have taken place on a smaller scale through the tasting process. Using the approved sample, we go a step further to machine blend for the following reasons:

  1. Minimise human contact with the tea before shipment

  2. Machine magnetic fields remove all iron fibres that might be in the tea

  3. To remove stacks and any foreign material that might be in the tea

  4. A de-stoning section removes stones or sand elements that might in the tea

  5. Removes uneven tea leaving the bulk tea lean and neat

  6. Dust suckers remove the powder from the clean tea

With years of experience in offering Kenyan tea to different countries, we consult with you to understand your target market and your overall business objectives in order to collectively come up with the perfect product to boost your sales.

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