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Kenyan tea company exports first ever consignment of value-added tea to Australia.

Updated: Mar 25

Kenya's tea industry is a significant contributor to the country's economy, and it has long been associated with the export of bulk tea. However, this is changing, as Kenya recently exported its first container of value-added tea to Australia of the brand AKINA by one of the leading Kenyan tea exporters.

Govt official flagging off a container of quality kenyan tea by a top kenyan tea exporter  destined for Australia
Agriculture and Livestock Development Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi flags off Kenya’s first ever tea consignment of orthodox tea destined for Australia.

This is great news for potential tea importers, as it presents a new opportunity to source high-quality, value-added tea from top tea exporters in Kenya.

Value-added tea refers to tea that has been processed and packaged locally, with added value in terms of flavour, quality, and presentation. This is in contrast to bulk tea, which is typically sold in large quantities to overseas buyers, who then process and package the tea in their own facilities.

Kenyan value-added tea is a game-changer for tea importers, as it offers a unique and high-quality product. The tea is produced using traditional and sustainable methods, ensuring that the tea is of the highest quality. The local processing and packaging ensure that the tea retains its freshness and flavour, providing a unique experience for tea drinkers.

For the importer, partnering with reputable Kenyan tea exporters who add value to the tea locally, means a holistic value chain, higher revenues for farmers and the creation of more jobs in the Kenyan tea industry. It also enables the industry to diversify its product offerings and target higher-end markets, where consumers are willing to pay a premium for quality tea, a move that has been highly supported by the Kenyan Government and all the major tea industry players including the Tea Board of Kenya.

Australia, in particular, is an attractive market for Kenyan value-added tea. The country has a growing market for specialty teas, and there is a high level of awareness and appreciation for Kenyan tea in Australia. The Australian market also values sustainability and ethical production practices, which are key strengths of the Kenyan tea industry.

If you are a potential importer, it is important to take note of this trend and consider the opportunities it presents. By sourcing value-added tea from Kenya, you can offer your customers a unique and high-quality product that is sure to stand out in a crowded market. Kenyan tea also offers a story and connection to the communities and environment in which it is produced, which can add value to your brand.

To conclude, the recent export of value-added tea from Kenya to Australia is a significant development in the tea industry. It presents a new opportunity for potential tea importers to source high-quality, sustainable, and unique tea from Kenya.

By importing value-added tea from Kenya, you can offer your customers a unique experience and add value to your brand.

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