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Buy Kenyan Tea, delight your customers this Ramadan

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The holy month of Ramadan is the month of discipline, reflection, and faith for all Muslims around the world. During this time, tea is a global fixture and plays a major cultural role, as well as a health and hydration role. It is offered to visitors along with coffee or dates throughout the night in iftars (breaking the fast), in the suhur (pre-dawn meal) and any gatherings where feasting and socializing are almost as important as the fasting that precedes them.

While religious and spiritual practices are followed, there is also a change in lifestyle and diets in which tea plays.

With only 64 days left before this year's Ramadan (2nd April 2022), at the Mombasa tea auction, strong general demand continues for the millions of kgs on offer in every sale from our predominantly Muslim clientele in Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, UAE, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

Throughout the year, Egypt stands out as one of the largest tea import markets for Kenyan tea. The way the Egyptians prepare for the holy month is different from other Islamic countries with orders for Kenyan tea grades such as Broken Pekoe 1 (BP1), Broken Pekoe (BP), Pekoe Dust, (PD) & DUST1, made months ahead.

Some of the more popular blends of Kenyan Tea for the Egypt market include Broken Pekoe (BP1), Pekoe Fannings 1 (PF1), Pekoe Dust, Dust 1, Broken Pekoe, etc

Currently, there are a lot of inquiries from Egypt from first-time tea buyers with increased activities of Egyptian businessmen visiting Kenyan tea exporters and suppliers in Mombasa, the hub of Kenyan tea operations.

Kenyan Tea for those special moments:

Why Kenyan tea? Beautiful Kenya, sitting on the East African coast facing the Indian ocean, produces huge amounts of tea grown in the fertile highlands.

From here, the tea is processed before being presented at the Mombasa tea auction, held weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays. Days before, tea exporters sample the best teas for their clients so that by auction day, they already know what's bold, brisk, what's bright, and what's bad.

Kenyan tea exporters then blend the tea for their clients to achieve the desired cup colour, and strength of the liquor. One of Egypt's most loved tea brand El-Arosa is a blend of high quality strong rich Kenyan tea producing a great taste and wonderful colour.

Here is a list of other internationally popular brands using Kenyan tea for blending and pleasing their customers with great-tasting brands.

With demand for Kenyan Tea from the Middle East increasing during Ramadan, January and February are a busy time for Kenyan tea exporters with the bulk of the shipments dispatched by early to end of February.

To avoid disappointment, book your tea early and get in touch today for timelines on when you can expect your cargo in your preferred destination.

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