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3 KEY things to help importers choose the best Kenyan tea suppliers and tea packaging companies.

With an export value of $892.33M in 2020, Kenyan Tea, a smooth black tea, has a bright copper colour, a rich aroma, and flavour that is favoured by tea companies all over the world.

Because of this, there is no shortage of Kenyan bulk tea suppliers to meet the demand with over 95 registered Buyer members of the East African Tea Trade Association, including our very own parent company.

These companies are directly involved in buying raw tea at the Mombasa Auction to blend and export in bulk, packed in tea bags, loose leaf tea or under a private label for global Kenyan tea importers.

For example, in Kenya's top 10 biggest tea export markets, some of the top brands that blend using Kenyan tea include:

Pakistan uses Kenyan tea blends
1. TAPAL DANEDAR - Pakistan
Pakistan uses Kenyan tea blends
2. EL AROSA - Egypt
UK uses Kenyan tea blends
Sudan uses Kenyan tea blends
6. AL-KBOUS - Yemen
7. GREENFIELD - Russia
8. ЧАЙ ТАБО - Kazakhstan
9. LOYD - Poland
10. RABEA - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Several leading Kenyan Tea manufacturers also offer other varieties such as Kenyan Green Tea, Kenyan Purple Tea, plus other specialty teas including White Tea and Kenyan Matcha directly to their customers. We particularly like promoting Kenyan specialty tea as these benefit the farmers more directly, away from the typical auction process.

Most of these major retail brands, supermarket labels and distributors, have established long lasting relationships with Kenyan tea exporters and manufacturers over the years.

Unfortunately, many others have had to go through trial and error leading to delayed goods, poor quality of tea that doesn't match initial samples, inconsistency of supply, poor communication, a long turnaround time for samples and quotations, you name it.

So what differentiates tea suppliers and how do you decide which exporter will provide you with a process designed to make life as uncomplicated as possible?

The truth is, every business has its strength, and as a rule of thumb we encourage due diligence as you choose from a wide range of Kenyan tea exporters and suppliers to suit your current business requirement.

However 3 things are key:

How to choose Kenyan tea suppliers and Kenyan tea companies

When entering into a new business relationship, poor decisions = unhappy customers, which leads to losses, and unhappy shareholders.

By confirming the integrity of all companies and people who do business with you, you're able to confirm information and reveal discrepancies, and undisclosed facts.

We're passionate about Kenyan tea and take great pride to offer premium quality tea through long lasting partnerships. Our simple 3 step process is intended to help both buyer and seller determine whether we're a good fit for your Kenyan tea requirements.

Take the 1st step, contact us today and get all your Kenyan tea questions answered in a fast and timely manner.

Import and buy Kenyan tea in 3 simple steps

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