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The 3rd Pakistan Tea Convention

Updated: May 30, 2022

Global Tea Citizenship for Social & Economic Betterment was the theme at the 3rd Pakistan Tea convention, which was held from May 20 to 22, 2022 at the Karachi Marriott Hotel.

The convention brought together stakeholders of general tea companies and packers, suppliers, exporters, importers, logistics partners, and marketing companies from tea-producing countries such as Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and more.

As the largest producer and exporter of Black tea, Kenya was well represented by some of the leading Kenyan tea producers and exporters. One of the sponsors was the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA), cementing Kenya's long tea trade partnership with Pakistan - (Pakistan exports to Kenya is dominated by rice while imports from Kenya, by tea).

Latest 3 years trend for Kenyan Tea Exports to Pakistan. 2019, 2020 and 2021 Kenyan tea exports to Pakistan
Kgs (Millions) | 2019: 176,387,270 | 2020: 186,135,080 | 2021: 212,506,120

Kenya-Pakistan end tariff wars, draft MoUs for more trade

For everyone involved, there was a sigh of relief in August 2021 when "the Pakistan government waived the attestation fee of Kenyan tea exports following an intensive negotiation between the two countries." The 'Attestation Fee' was previously charged by the Pakistan High Commission in Nairobi and mainly hampered the tea trade. Calculated at 0.5 percent of the entire export volume for the tea exporters from Kenya, it made Kenyan tea costlier when it landed in Pakistan compared to other teas." This tariff war had led to increased transit trade where some of our tea exports say to Afghanistan and Dubai were often destined for Pakistan.

In September 2021, Pakistan High Commissioner H.E Ms. Saqlain Syedah announced that Pakistan had formally removed attestation fee of tea export documents.

Mombasa Tea Auction

Almost 40% of the total production of Kenyan tea is purchased by Pakistan tea importers through the Mombasa Tea Auction. This option avails a wide range of teas from different origins in Kenya. Any exporter with a capacity for blending can also match or formulate a blend as per the importer's requirements.

Sustainable Kenyan Small-scale Tea Farming

As the largest buyer of Kenyan tea, Pakistan and Kenya's industry insiders held insightful conversations including the impact of the Pakistan tea market on the Smallholder tea farmers in Kenya. Small scale farmers produce the bulk of straight-line tea shipped to Karachi - "Straight line teas are those in their pure form of grade i.e. broken pekoe 1 (BP1), pekoe fanning 1 (PF1), pekoe dust (PD), dust 1 (D1), dust (D), and broken mixed fanning (BMF) while blended teas are a mixture of any two or more grades of tea."

Main Kenyan Tea varieties exported to Pakistan

BP1 BrokenPekoe1 | PekoeFannings1 | PekoeDust |DUST1

In one of the key speeches of the day, Mr. Ichocho who is Chairman of KTDA doubled down on the importance of the value of revenue earned from Kenyan tea exports to Pakistan. (US$469.1 Million during 2021, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.) These ensure the exploration of solutions to ensure sustainability through better quality, improved earnings, and an overall better ecosystem for tea farming in Kenya.

Kenyan Exports to Pakistan






Unique Kenyan Tea

In another session, Mr. Peter Kimanga a leading Kenyan tea expert representing KTA gave a presentation on the uniqueness of Kenyan tea. Kenyan tea has traditionally enjoyed healthy demand internationally on account of superior quality that has seen buyers seek it to blend with other low-quality blends. We have documented some of the popular tea brands in the world using quality Kenyan tea for their blending including TAPAL Danedar, the market leader of branded tea in Pakistan.

"The name “Danedar” essentially means “granules” or “danas”, referring to the premium quality blend that Kenyan tea leaves provide. It’s distinct taste, aroma and rich color has made it a nationwide bestseller, having gained the privilege of receiving the PAS Award for two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012 for the campaign “Har Mizaj Se Ashna” in the “Hot Beverages” category.

Tum Mein Or Ek Cup Chai!"

Importing Kenyan tea CIF Karachi, Pakistan

On a weekly basis, Pakistan tea traders request us to keep tabs on their choice of garden or plantation marks.

Here's what we offer:

  • Access to some of the best A-Grade quality of Kenyan high-grown tea available through one of the largest tea auctions in the world, the Mombasa Tea Auction.

  • Specialised tea blends to suit your business objectives and target market. We understand the Pakistan and transit trade market and will offer competitive add-on charges. Weekly samples can be arranged for review.

  • Direct shipment to Karachi through a smooth export process. Read more on this useful guide on how to import Kenyan tea.

The tea convention further strengthened Kenya's commitment to offering quality Kenyan tea to Pakistan, an important market for us.

As Kenyan tea exporters we continue to build long-lasting relationships through mutual transparent methods in our business operation.

Let us know your requirements on Kenyan Tea and get our latest offers today.

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